Awareness in the Community

Diss the Dys was at the Woo Sox game in April 2024 to be honored as the 'Heart of Worcester' and for Dysautonomia Awareness! The Founder and a few of our Dysautonomia Awareness Ambassadors were part of the pre-game ceremony. Thank you to the Woo Sox Foundation for this opportunity to increase awareness!

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Alt Text: Founder of Diss the Dys and Dysautonomia Awareness Ambassadors at Polar Park

Senator Robyn Kennedy met with the Founder, Kate, in October 2023 to talk about Dysautonomia Awareness Month and the importance of advocacy for more research to lead to better treatment options. 


Alt Text: Close-up of Senator Kennedy and Founder Kate with a Diss the Dys mug

The Founder turned her mess into her message as she learned from Robin Roberts, and they met at a WNBA game!

Check out the video!